mindway  is the union of the words “mind” and “way”,  which phonetically sounds like “my way”.


mindway is born in 2007 when online education was still taking its first steps. We are pioneers in creating an agile experience in online learning to reinvent the way things are done.

We created a new methodology to assist universities in developing the best and most interactive and dynamic programs. We collaborate with prestigious universities worldwide, and we define the most relevant areas of knowledge for today’s professionals.


Learning to live and connect is the path to success.

  • Learn/Technology: we design a learning methodology that is flexible and allows individuals to study wherever and whenever they want. 
  • Live/ Inspiring: design is at the center of an easy and innovative learning experience.
  • Link/Networking: we believe in the importance of relationships to achieve success, for that reason we connect with students, professionals and companies.

Our Network

With 25 editions and more than 21 million readers, ELLE is one of the most influential fashion lifestyle brands worldwide.

Its expertise in the fashion and lifestyle industry joins the knowledge of academics and professionals creating ELLE Education.

Complutense University of Madrid, an internationally recognized institution, is considered one of the oldest universities in the world, the third biggest university in Europe, and the most prestigious in the hispanic world.

Complutense University of Madrid is one of the main partners that has accompanied mindway throughout its trajectory, becoming its main collaborator.

The Real Colegio Complutense (RCC) is a center of encounter and exchange for Spanish students, researches and faculty at Harvard to promote academic, cultural and scientific cooperation between this American university and the Spanish learning system. This is the only Spanish Center of World Class Excellence in the United States and the only one with its characteristics and status  in the Ivy League universities.

MIT Sloan Executive Education, one of the best business schools internationally and world leader in executive education.

Our partner for the ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program, also known as Innovation Leadership for Fashion and Luxury Consumer Brands, and the Innovation and Digital Disruption programs aimed at high executives across industries.

Fundación Armando Alvares Penteado is a well-known and prestigious institutions in Brazil. This university accompanied mindway in some of its programs including the Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands diploma program.

Want to inspire the world?

Why study with us?

We have revamped the norms for higher education. We design technology to create innovative academic experiences in a digital environment. We promote and direct entire programs, creating high quality content, and accessible tools to reach students through a virtual campus with the best learning experience. 

Our platform bridges the best of the university academic system with referential brands and specialized professionals; it allows our students to develop their careers to find their professional place in the world of lifestyle, wellness, fashion, and interior design.


  • We create an academic system focused on the professional goals of our students.
  • We use the latest technology to design accessible and up-to-date academic experiences that make an impact.
  • We learn from experience and provide students with high quality content through visionary minds, a faculty of recognized experts, and specialized tutors in all areas.
  • We offer educational experiences for all audiences in an accessible and unconstrained manner. Learning doesn’t understand cultures, price, or age.


  • We help individuals to live through their passions.
  • We change the rules of education so that our students can build a better future.
  • We make new formulas to create an experience that makes an impact in the world through the latest technology.
  • We design an accessible academic system that doesn’t limit itself to barriers, and that adapts to each one of our students, wherever, whenever. Our focus is on the “how”!


  • Our links are ideas, inspiration, knowledge, and networking.
  • We build an international network that connects different sectors of lifestyle in a transversal way.
  • We link restless and non-conformist minds from anywhere in the world.
  • We reach as far as education goes. We build programs that adapt to the rhythm and necessity of each individual student with a platform that doesn’t limit itself with schedules and geographical borders.

What our students say

Lo que dicen nuestros estudiantes

“Cuando comencé el Diploma y lo puse en mi CV noté que mis opciones laborales aumentaban considerablemente, me seleccionaron en una agencia de comunicación especializada en lujo. Ahora soy PR Manager, esto ha sido el gran empujón que necesitaba en mi carrera”

“La gran pasarela de la Moda española reunió en IFEMA a los mejores diseñadores del momento y gracias a las #ELLEexperiences de ELLE Education tuve la oportunidad de cubrir el evento de manera profesional”

“Del MBA de Lifestyle me cuesta quedarme con una única cosa. No solo adquirí todas las competencias que necesitaba para comenzar a emprender el proyecto que siempre he soñado, superando mis expectativas, sino que tuve la oportunidad de conocer a grandes profesionales, hacer networking y compartir la experiencia con unas compañeras y profesores estupendos”

Be different by studying with us