Who are we?

Mindway was born 13 years ago in Spain, when online education was still taking its first steps. At the time the tools available to carry out online programs were limited, and did not allow an interactive learning experience for students.

Mindway starts as a response to the country-wide demand of an educational project taking place in Complutense University of Madrid. This is how our CEO decides to create Mindway, with the objective of creating a new concept of online education.

In Mindway we believe in collaboration with other institutions or professionals to develop educational projects of great impact. We collaborate with prestigious universities to create academic programs in which we provide our methodology and technology to guarantee a fluid experience. Our programs offer the possibility of studying at the rhythm the student needs in a dynamic way, allowing them to form part of an international community to boost their careers.

Learn, Live, Link


Our knowledge allows us to identify the path we are on. Constant learning allows us to grow, and we have the objective of being the best partner in reaching our student’s goals.


We live life in a passionate way and we want to help individuals to live through their life’s passion.


We care about individuals and the future, as well as sharing. Our strengths are linking through ideas, innovation, and networking.

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