Our schools

ELLE Education is born from the experience of more than 11 years accompanying and training the best professionals in the world of fashion, lifestyle, innovation and interior design. 

Throughout our journey, and understanding the change towards a more globalized and connected world, in ELLE Education we believe in the importance of a highly specialized, flexible and up-to-date international education.

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School of Fashion and Luxury

An international school under the legacy of ELLE brand, one of the most influential fashion & lifestyle brands in the world, in which you will obtain a very fresh, and universal vision of the fashion industry.

You will immerse yourself in the passionate world of fashion, learning how fashion business works today in a digital environment. You will also connect with professionals and experts in fashion and luxury brands, and you will obtain all the necessary tools to find your place in the professional world.

School of Architecture and Design

Along with ELLE Decoration brand, you will experience an unique academic journey in the School of Architecture and Design that will prepare you for a profession in interior design, product design, and how to create your own brand.

You will study in an inspiring environment of creation with distinguished professionals of the interior design sector, with whom you will learn to conceptualize and manage the necessary tools to complete your projects. You will gain the frameworks to understand all of the processes that develop and come to life in a studio, preparing you to begin your professional journey.