The Hub of Permanent Education

The Hub of Permanent Education is the result of a collaboration between Complutense University of Madrid and Mindway. Its purpose is to bring highly innovative programs to the digital world.

Complutense University of Madrid is Mindway’s longest academic partner, with more than 13 years of launching online programs focused in the fashion and interior design sectors with ELLE Education. The Hub is an expansion of said relationship, going beyond these sectors and redesigning the future of education together.

This initiative benefits from the rigorous academic excellence of Complutense University of Madrid, a world-renowned university that has produced 7 Nobel Laureates, and that currently has more than 26 schools that cover a range of disciplines from humanities, to law, medicine, and architecture amongst others. In The Hub, Complutense University of Madrid continues showing its commitment to innovation through new programs.

Mindway provides Complutense University of Madrid with the cutting-edge digital platform for these new programs; being a learning ecosystem present in the online education sector since its infancy,  Mindway holds the expertise in creating unique academic digital experiences. Mindway’s principles are to Learn, Live, Link; in other words to share our knowledge to allow people to follow their passions and connect professionals through ideas and innovation, principles present in This Hub.

The Hub is here to revolutionize education! Will you join?